Economy, Jobs & Innovation

As the state wrestles with an ongoing budget challenge, we must continue to ensure economic opportunities in Anchorage. As a member of the municipality’s Budget Advisory Commission, I have supported efficient spending and diversification of the city’s revenue base. The impact of the new gasoline tax - which offsets residential property taxes - and the recently-passed residential property tax exemption are just taking effect, but together are expected to reduce property tax burdens for the average homeowner by $350-$450/year. While serving on the Budget Advisory Commission, I also reviewed and recommended the sale of ML&P (recently-passed Proposition 10). Each of these has encouraged continued investment in our community in spite of a stagnating state economy.

Ongoing collaboration with our state and federal partners will continue to support important economic drivers such as construction and infrastructure projects. We also must support our innovators and entrepreneurs to foster additional economic growth. I believe the best way to encourage innovation is by ensuring access to capital and modern infrastructure, and by cultivating a culture that inspires creative thinking and collaboration. Much of this has started coming together in Anchorage in recent years, but there is more we can be doing at the city level to move us forward. With the right support and Alaskans’ can-do mentality, Anchorage has a very exciting future ahead.