Public safety

The top priority for any government must be ensuring citizens feel safe in their homes and in the streets. I strongly support the ongoing efforts to rebuild our police force, and give officers the tools they need to be effective. Ensuring a safe community, however, means more than cops on the streets - it means working to address the issues that drive crime.

Anchorage faces a number of larger challenges, including a statewide recession, a scaling back of state services, and an opioid epidemic. These in turn contribute to our homelessness and crime problems. None of these issues exist in isolation, nor will they be solved by a single new program or law. Addressing them will require collaboration between all community stakeholders, from government agencies and nonprofits to volunteer and religious organizations. There are several initiatives already underway in Anchorage that I believe move us in the right direction. Results, however, will only come through our continued commitment and focus, which I fully intend to bring as your representative.